Location & dates EMBL Heidelberg, Germany 13 - 17 May 2013
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Since the time of Robert Hooke, images observed through microscopes have played a central role in biological investigations. The integration of microscopy with computational science in recent years has dramatically increased its value: images are now considered as multidimensional numerical data, which can be processed and analysed quantitatively using computers. For treating images as measured values knowledge on the nature of digital images, processing protocols and algorithms is required. Skills for using software tools should be accompanied with knowledge of what they are doing. However, methods for extracting quantitative data from micrographs has often been missing in the education of biologists.

This course will focus on computational methods for analysing images of single molecules, cells and tissues, to boost the learning process of participants who have an immediate need to deploy image analysis in their own research. For this, the course extends from basic principles to the actual implementation of workflows using scripting. We expect that increasing the image analysis literacy of the participants will greatly enhance the scope, creativity and achievements of their research projects. We aim to gather expert knowledge to organize a world-leading course for image analysis in the field of biology.