Location & dates EMBL Heidelberg, Germany 26 - 28 Feb 2013
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A similar Course will be held in November 2013. Please see here for more information.


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Transgenic animal models are a critical tool in life science research. During the last four years the use of targeted nuclease-based technology has greatly impacted the field of transgenic model creation.  Approaches involving direct single cell embryo pronuclear injection, embryonic stem cells, and somatic cell nuclear transfer have all been enhanced by this method. This workshop will focus primarily on the molecular mechanisms and experimental considerations of using zinc finger nuclease technology (ZFN) for the creation of animal models, but we will also discuss how the same principles apply to alternative genome editing approaches such as TAL effector nucleases. The workshop consists of lectures as well as wet lab practical work and demonstrations. Attendees will experience mouse embryo pronuclear injection along with the core assays essential to monitoring ZFN activity and identifying genome modification in both cell and animal-based scenarios.

This Course is co-organized with Sigma-Aldrich.