Location & dates EMBL Heidelberg, Germany 24 - 26 Jun 2014
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  • Summary

    This course was developed with biologists as intended audience in mind. Basic knowledge of microarray technology and massively parallel sequencing (MPS) are desirable. The course participants will use open source Affymetrix and BioConductor software solutions. On the other side, R-coding skills and deep knowledge of statistics are not necessary for attendance because most analyses will be performed with OneChannelGUI (a graphical interface to a series of BioConductor tools, which enables handling microarray data analysis as well as RNA-seq data without requiring programming skills). Computers for hands-on exercises will be provided along with demo data sets. Upon request, participants could bring along their own data to analyse.

  • Topics

    • Tools for microarray/RNA-seq data analysis
    • Experimental design
    • Quality control
    • Normalization and data reformatting
    • Basic Statistics
    • Selecting differentially regulated genes/microRNAs
    • Selecting alternative splicing events
    • Multiple testing
    • Biological interpretation
    • Aims of event

      • Understand the importance of experimental design in order to ask sensible biological questions
      • Assess the quality of your data
      • Perform normalization and reformatting procedures
      • Complete basic statistical tests on Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data
      • Understand some of the problems encountered when analysing data