Location & dates EMBL Heidelberg, Germany 26 - 27 Mar 2014
Deadlines Application closed Abstract submission closed

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  • Registration has been extended to 10 February 2014. Please visit the registration page for more info.
  • Preliminary programme is available.

This course is aimed at technicians and ccientists interested in the generation of transgenic animals. Participants should have basic experience with eukaryotic cells and microscopy.

30% of the course program covers lectures and tutorials on generating transgenic mice and corresponding microscopy and laser techniques by experts in the field. 70% focuses on hands-on practical work organised in small groups. These practicals will address the following topics: injection of DNA into the pronucleus of fertilised mouse oocytes, embryonic stem cell transfer into blastocysts, laser-assisted stem cell transfer into 8-cell stage embryos, and microscopy training.

This course is co-organised with Eppendorf.