Location & dates EMBL Heidelberg, Germany 8 - 20 Sep 2014
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Why Apply?

The objective of this course is to introduce effective methods for doing research in the field of systems biology.

This introduction will be done hands-on, as the students, in groups of 4, will tackle an original research project over the full duration of the course. Each group will be lead by a faculty and a teaching assistant, who will provide mentoring and instructions. The mini research projects will be original and will all integrate cell biology techniques, state-of the art imaging, image processing, data quantification, and modeling approaches. We expect the students to make new observations, rather than simply repeat established protocol! In addition, morning lectures and bonding activities will provide a forum for active cross-communication.

This course is aimed at PhD students and postdoctoral fellows interested in quantitative approaches in cell biology. We wish to attract practicing experimentalists as well as researchers from other disciplines (physics, engineering, computer science, etc.) interested in biology. We will teach modern light microscopy, focusing in particular on the acquisition and processing of digital time-lapse movies. The participants will write matlab programs in order to analyze their images. The third foundation of the course is mathematical modeling.

Depending on the skills and aspirations of the participants, they will develop analytical approach or computer simulations of biological problems.

Impressions from the last course in September 2012.

Please note your application will not be considered without a letter of motivation and CV.