Location & dates EMBL Heidelberg, Germany 16 - 19 Nov 2015
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We foresee a time when the genomes of each of us will be sequenced at birth to enable the prediction and prevention of genetic diseases. However, genome sequence information is not sufficient. To strive to maintain wellness we need to integrate periodic measurements about our health status through the use of omic and biosensor technologies and, most importantly, we need to understand the molecular mechanisms that translate our differences in genomic sequence and environmental exposure into differences in disease predisposition and other medically relevant traits.

This joint EMBL-Stanford conference addresses the promises and challenges of bringing basic research in systems biology into medical practice. It assembles leading basic and clinical researchers to share and discuss the topics on

  • Big Data in Personalised Medicine
  • Omics technologies and the molecular basis of health and diseases
  • Experimental Models of Systems Medicine
  • Personalised Medicine in Practice
  • From Genotype to Disease Predictions
  • Innovation in Technology towards Personalised Healthcare
  • Interaction of Genome and Environment
  • Clinical, Ethical and Societal Issues
  • Rare diseases