Location & dates EMBL Heidelberg, Germany 5 - 7 Jul 2016
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Training impact and quality - presenting the Elixir recipe

Workshop objective
The aim of this workshop is to present the Elixir “recipe” for the provision of quality and impactful training and seek the input of the wider biomedical sciences community, including those who are supporting and developing training as well as those who wish to access it. We hope to engage more individuals from both academic and industrial backgrounds, and those who are further along their career path than we have been able to thus far. The ultimate aim is to apply these best practices to a European training programme, enabling the capture of meaningful indicators of training impact. With these indicators we aim to capture both qualitative and quantitative measures of skills acquisition amongst those who receive the training (and the wider benefits to the community) plus the efforts involved in delivering such a programme, providing important feedback to policymakers and funders.

Expected outcomes
• Engagement of the wider biomedical sciences community with the development of such a framework for assessing training quality and impact.
• Gain insight into the specific needs of the biomedical community
• Refine the current set of best practices to encompass the insights gained from this workshop
• Provide attendees with suggested measures and methods for determining training impact which can be employed within their own organisation.

Target audience
The workshop would be open to all attendees at the conference, enabling us to gain the widest overview of the community.
We would encourage attendance from those who:
• develop and deliver training courses within this community
• actively seek training, either for themselves or others
• have a role in training policy development