Location & dates EMBL Heidelberg, Germany 24 Apr - 1 May 2016
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Course Overview

This course will teach participants the practical aspects of live-imaging plant tissues. Plants are quite different to animals in many ways. For instance they typically develop much more slowly and cells do not migrate. Their overall morphologies are also very different and the presence of cell walls presents challenges optically. Over many years, certain laboratories have developed specialised imaging techniques optimised for plants. However despite these advances, the adoption of these techniques by the wider plant research community has been extremely limited. These specialised techniques will be taught to help promote their wider adoption. The course will cover the physical preparation of samples from different parts of the plant as well as time-lapse imaging strategies and image analysis approaches and uses.


The course targets primarily young scientists (PhD students and postdocs) whose research will directly benefit from the methods and techniques offered.


The main practical themes will include:

  • Confocal imaging of developing shoot meristems and leaves
  • Light-sheet imaging of roots
  • In vivo imaging of calcium and pH
  • Kinetic microscopy techniques, such as FRAP and FLIM-FRET.
  • Data processing and analysis

Learning Outcomes

The course will teach recent advances in plant-optimised live imaging techniques.  In particular the physical preparation of samples as well as cutting-edge live-imaging methodologies. The participant will use confocal and light-sheet fluorescence microscopy for long-term non-invasive imaging. The participants will learn how to use fluorescent nano-sensors for qualitative calcium imaging and quantitative pH imaging. In addition they will  learn kinetic microscopy techniques, such as FRAP and FLIM-FRET and receiving training in image analysis and data processing.


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