Location & dates EMBL Heidelberg, Germany 13 - 16 Mar 2016
Deadlines Registration closed Abstract submission closed

Workshops and Panel Discussions

Participants will have the choice to attend all 6 workshops, or to substitute one or more workshops with panel discussions.

The workshops will include:

  • FIB-SEM (Location: EMCF room 309)
  • Sample Preparation (Location: EMCF room 305A)
  • 3View (Location: ATC Flex Lab A+B)
  • Array Tomography (Location: ATC microscope room 116)
  • Image Processing (Location: ATC Courtyard room)
  • ATUMtome (Location: ATC microscope room 116)

In addition there will be three panel discussions on broad topics within the scope of 3D Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy. This will be an opportunity to raise questions to experts in the field. We are encouraging participants to post questions on each of these topics before the event so that the session can cover the most pressing issues. The topics will be:

  • Large Data Handling
  • Shared experiences in CLEM
  • Facility Implementation – tips and tricks for implementing these techniques in a facility environment, marketing facility services, charging for services, equipment maintenance and consumables.

This workshop will be followed by a Gatan 3view Users Forum at EMBL.

This workshop is jointly organised by ZEISS and EMBL