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GeneWeaver 2.0: A platform for cross-species integration of heterogeneous functional genomics data
Tuesday 24 October 2017
Room: TBA
Presented by Elissa Chesler

The GeneWeaver software system is designed to find convergent evidence for the shared role of genes and variants in disease, complex traits and model organism phenotypes. Using scalable algorithms and advanced data integration strategies, the system enables users to compare and contrast functional genomics, variant lists, gene expression data, quantitative trait candidates, curated gene annotations and other data sources.  These analyses are based on user defined queries and parameters. Users can evaluate their own experimental data in light of a wealth of other data sets, thus placing new results in the context of cross species functional genomics, and share new data publicly among groups of investigators. A suite of statistical tools and graph algorithms provide analytic tools and the entire system is API based, enabling reproducible queries and analyses and integration into other bioinformatics workflows. This demo will provide an introduction to the enhanced GeneWeaver system, its contents and basic operations.

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