Location & dates EMBL Heidelberg, Germany 24 - 30 Apr 2017
Deadlines Application closed

Course Overview

The analysis of single cells advances research in many fields. To properly deal with such minute amounts of sample, each step of the workflow is critical, from sampling to data analysis. Additionally, the integration of data from different approaches is becoming increasingly important to capture the whole picture. This course will cover established techniques from sampling through sequencing, protein analysis and data analysis. Samples will be collected via flow cytometry, gene expression will be analysed by qRTPCR and next generation sequencing, and protein analysis will be performed by proximity extension assays. In addition, alternative methods for the whole workflow will be covered in interactive sessions of lectures and Q&A with key experts in the field. Data collected by the different methods will be analysed during in-depth sessions, which are a strong component of the course.


This course targets young scientists entering the field of single cell analysis and wanting to learn about the benefits and limitations of the approach by performing a complete single cell analysis workflow.


  • Hand-on practice in single cell isolation with FACS.
  • Hand-on practice in single-cell library preparation with Smart-seq2 protocol.
  • Hand-on practice in single-cell proximity ligation assay.
  • Hand-on practice in data analysis of single cell qPCR and NGS data.

Learning Outcomes

After finishing the course, the attendees will be able to have an overview of available methods in single cell omics. The attendees will also be able to set up some methods in their lab with the knowledge of the detailed protocol and troubleshooting. The attendees will also have a basic overview of data analysis of single-cell qPCR and NGS data.


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