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Course Overview

Solving structures of large macromolecular assemblies to gain fundamental insights into biological mechanisms remains a major challenge in structural biology. Cryo-EM combined with image processing is currently undergoing what has been referred to as a “resolution revolution”, making it one of the most powerful techniques to address this challenge. It also has unique capabilities to obtain structural information in situ within complex environments, and to deal with heterogeneous samples. The methods are complex and under constant development, so in depth, advanced training of new users is essential to ensure future users can adapt new technologies to expand into new areas and solve new biological problems. This course provides the theoretical and practical training covering the full breadth of cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) techniques from sample preparation to data collection to image processing.


The course is aimed at PhD-Students an PostDocs who have some experience in cryo-EM and who wish to learn cryo-EM image processing theory and practice.


  • Single particle reconstruction (Imagic, Frealign, Relion)
  • Subtomogram averaging (Dynamo)
  • Helical reconstruction (Spring)
  • Atomic model interpretation (Refmac and Chimera)
  • EM databank

Learning Outcomes

After this course, students should be able to understand the foundations of cryo-EM data collection, image processing and be able to apply these techniques to their own research projects.


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