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  • Microtubule Growth and Movement in Mitosis
  • Meiosis and Mitosis in Development and Evolution
  • Kinetochore Assembly and the Spindle Checkpoint
  • Chromosome Segregation and Aneuploidy
  • Centrosomes, Spindle Orientation and Cytokinesis
  • Systems Analysis and Modelling of Mitosis

Why attend?

Cell reproduction is a fundamental aspect of life, and errors in cell division have direconsequences for human health. Research on mitosis is multidisciplinary and manymethodologies are applied, including molecular cell biology, biochemistry, biophysics,computational biology, systems biology and functional genomics.

The overall goal of our conference is to disseminate recent cutting-edge results and ideas that emerge in various approaches among the scientists who study key function and regulation aspects of the microtubule-based molecular machine that drives chromosome segregation (termed the ‘spindle’). Researchers from the various sub-disciplines within the field of mitosis will be brought together in platform and poster sessions to foster exchange of information and to encourage new interdisciplinary collaboration.


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