Location & dates EMBL Heidelberg, Germany 17 - 22 Nov 2019
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Course Overview

Circular RNAs (CircRNAs) are a rediscovered class of RNA species that originate from back-splicing events, which have been reported across all domains of life. Many circular RNAs are stable, abundant and conserved between species. They exhibit context-dependent expression patterns, which are often linked to disease states. Validated circular RNA functions are numerous and range from regulation of transcription and splicing to RNA/protein sponging and scaffolding. However, CircRNAs are by and large the most underexplored class of all non-coding RNAs. This course will meet the specific need to explore complexity, distribution, function and mechanisms of circRNA action experimentally and computationally.

The presented methods and approaches are widely applicable to all organisms beyond standard models. The practical part will include detection and quantification of circRNAs by low- and high-throughput methods, troubleshooting, data analysis and integration as well as computational assessment of circRNA candidates and function prediction.


This course is intended for PhD students and young Postdoctoral researchers.


  • RNA splicing

  • Computational Biology

  • Gene expression

  • RNA Localisation

  • Quantitative Biology

Learning Outcomes

Participants will go through all wet-lab steps required for preparation of circRNA-seq libraries and will be introduced to basic bioinformatics required for analyses of circRNA-seq data.


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