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Conference Overview

Cell division is a fundamental aspect of life. Numerous biochemical and structural changes occur throughout the cell as the microtubule-based spindle assembles and attaches to the condensed chromosomes, segregates them, and signals to the cell cortex to induce cleavage into two daughter cells through an actin-based contraction. The complexity of these changes necessitates a wide range of multidisciplinary research. The goal of our conference is to disseminate recent findings emerging from cell biology, biochemistry, biophysics, functional-genomics, systems and computational approaches; and integrate them into a mechanistic understanding of the global principles of cell division.

Session Topics

  • Cytoskeletal rearrangements in mitosis
  • Meiosis and mitosis in development and evolution
  • Toward reconstitution of cell division
  • Chromosome architecture, segregation, and aneuploidy
  • Centrosomes, spindle orientation, and cytokinesis
  • Systems analysis and modelling of cell division


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