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Course Overview

Single-cell analysis is a rapidly evolving approach and is increasingly implemented in various research fields. The numerous workflows contain several critical and challenging steps from cell sampling over working with minute amounts of sample to data analysis and integration. This hands-on course will cover latest cutting-edge techniques in single cell genomics (Strand-Seq), single cell epigenetics (single-cell bisulfite sequencing) and microdroplet based single-cell transcriptomics (scRNA-Seq) during the wet-lab practical sessions. The computational part will address the basics of data analysing of the above mentioned techniques and also illustrate their integration. In addition, lectures and discussion-rounds with key experts and technology developers in the field will provide the participants with a general background on single-cell sequencing technologies and  its applications. The participants will also actively take part in poster sessions, “tips and tricks” and round-table sessions.


This course targets young scientists entering the field of single cell analysis and wanting to learn about the benefits and limitations of the approach by performing a complete single cell analysis workflow. The courses focuses on wet-lab methodologies.


  • Single cell isolation with FACS
  • Single-cell genomics using Strand-Seq
  • Single-cell epigenetics using bisulfite sequencing
  • Microdroplet-based single-cell transcriptomics
  • Single cell NGS data analysis

Learning Outcomes

After finishing the course, attendees will have an overview of available methods in single cell omics and a basic overview of data analysis of single-cell NGS data sets (genomics, epigenetic and transcriptomics). Attendees will also be able to set up some methods in their lab with the knowledge of the detailed protocol and troubleshooting.


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