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Marlow Baines, Earth Guardians, USA

Marlow Baines
Earth Guardians, USA

From the micro to the macro - a youth leader's perspective


As a young person involved the youth climate movement, I have grown up with a painful awareness of the worsening climate crisis. My earliest experience of the impacts of climate change came with “1000 year flooding” along the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains in 2013. Since that time ever increasing numbers of our human population have directly experienced super storms, flooding, wind events, drought, and most recently apocalyptic wildfires resulting in devastatingly poor air quality. As more and more people experience the effects of climate change through “natural disaster”, this direct experience serves to amplify the urgency of what youth activists have been striking about since 2018.

During the same period of time, I have witnessed a sharp increase in innovative climate technology including carbon capture systems, massive tree planting campaigns, increased investment in renewable energy, and the leap from organic and sustainable to fully regenerative agriculture. Will our economic, social, and political systems embrace these improvements or hang on desperately to old paradigms?

Humanity has two choices before us: utter overwhelm and the associated mental health crises that attend overwhelm - depression and debilitating anxiety - or stepping up, and leaning into, action. My experience as a youth leader is that our ability to take the first step, towards tangible and life giving solutions, is the most powerful. And that first step requires strong support - it requires community. Through the lens of a youth’s perspective, I will share how I see that the absolute need to know yourself, and connect with your personal community, makes all the difference, if we are to tackle the climate crisis.

By using my personal experience, research, art, and understanding, I will take you on a journey towards understanding yourself in intimate relationship with the earth, through the very experience of our bodies as matter (latin: mother; material; earth). While this shift in perception is complex, the shift to a more just, sustainable, regenerative and equitable planet may be closer to our reality than we think.


Marlow Baines, Earth Guardians’ Youth Director, is an 18-year-old from Boulder, Colorado. Born in Seattle, Washington and raised in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, she has an intrinsic and deep love and respect for nature. Marlow’s insatiable desire to learn and her innate ability to listen deeply, in order to understand nuanced cultural identity and to elevate the voices of her peers, gives her the energy and the motivation required to balance lifelong learning with the work she does organizing at the local, state, national and international levels.

Marlow has written and developed content and courses for Earth Guardians youth training programs and resource library, has organized youth climate strikes locally and nationally, and most recently has worked to establish the Earth Guardians Youth Council, an international council dedicated to elevating the voice of youth leaders in organizational programming and decision making. Having travelled extensively with Earth Guardians, Marlow brings forward the vision of a “more just, sustainable, and regenerative world” at conferences, during panel discussions, in youth coalition building, and to political organizing and policy making sessions.