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EMBL Courses and Conferences during the Coronavirus pandemic

With the onsite programme paused, many of our events are now being offered in virtual formats.

Registration is open as usual for many events, with back-up plans in place to move further courses and conferences online as necessary. Registration fees for any events affected by the COVID-19 disruption are fully refundable.

More information for participants of events at EMBL Heidelberg can be found here.

Course Overview

The missing step between data collection and research progress is a lack of training for researchers in crucial skills for effectively managing and analysing large amounts of data. This hands-on workshop teaches researchers the fundamental data skills they need to conduct their work and provides high-quality, domain-specific training covering the full lifecycle of data-driven research. The domain-specific approach allows participants to tailor the data, content, and tools to reflect the specific data and analysis needs of different areas.


The course is aimed at graduate students and other researchers in the life sciences who would like to learn good practices in data management and analysis. The course is ideally suited to students without prior experience in computational research, but some familiarity with working with tabular data on a computer is welcome.


  • Data organisation and cleaning
  • Introduction to R
  • Data analysis and visualisation in R
  • Interacting with databases from R
  • Data analysis with applications to genomics

Learning Outcomes

  • How to organise data and some practices for more effective data handling
  • To effectively clean and format data and automatically track any changes
  • To use R to handle, filter and summarise tabular data
  • To use the split-apply-combine concept for data analysis
  • To visualise the results of these analyses in R using the ggplot2 library
  • To apply all of the concepts in an exploratory analysis of a typical biological dataset

What Past Participants Say About the Course:

"EMBL is doing an extraordinary job of reaching scientists from different backgrounds toward inter-disciplinary learning. The present era on multi-omics requires knowledge of programming, hence this data carpentry workshop was really useful for beginners. And the last-minute registration fee waiver award for persons in the waitlist was quite useful for me, as I have to attend this workshop without funding. It was a great experience learning R program and I am planning to adopt this in my current work. I am looking forward to an advanced data carpentry workshop focusing on genomic data analysis. EMBL courses are always on my wish list, as they are well organised and informative." - Dinesh Kumar Kandaswamy, Cardiff University, United Kingdom

"Excellent course to learn basics of R. A very friendly group of instructors who were easy to interact with and patient with all the queries we had. Also, the organisation team made it very easy for us: the pre- and post-course preparations and also during the stay." - Balagopal Pai, University of Regensburg, Germany


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