EMBL Heidelberg – Courses and Conferences Programme

Coronavirus outbreak - information for participants at EMBL Heidelberg

Due to the current pandemic, EMBL has paused the programme of courses and conferences at Heidelberg until the end of June 2020. Some events have been cancelled, many have been postponed to a later date and others will be delivered as virtual events. The Course and Conference Office is directly contacting registrants of affected events. The 2020 programme is scheduled to resume as planned after July 1, with registration and abstract submission open for meetings throughout the remainder of the year and applications for courses being accepted as usual. Please check the events listing for the current status of any event.

If you register and pay for any event which is later cancelled by EMBL Heidelberg due to the coronavirus, your registration fee will be refunded in full. For conferences you can register now to secure a place and submit an abstract but choose the ‘pay later’ option. You can also apply for a place on our courses in the same way.

As further changes are possible we advise that you hold off booking travel or accommodation until necessary or book flights and hotels with favourable cancellation conditions. Some airlines, rail operators and hotels are offering more flexible options in response to the situation.

For the courses and conferences happening after July 1, please consider the below before travelling:

  • If you are registered for an EMBL course or conference at any of EMBL’s six sites you should act upon the latest information and advice from the government of the country to which you are travelling. If you are travelling to a course or conference at EMBL Heidelberg, you can find information in English at the German Federal Ministry of Health. You should also take note of any official, national guidance in the country from which you are travelling.
  • Any participants registered from regions in ‘lockdown’ or where special travel limiting measures are in place will not be permitted, or indeed able, to attend in person. EMBL is contacting our participants in these locations on an event-by-event basis.
  • If you are based in or have travelled to any of the risk areas defined by the Robert-Koch-Institute in the last 14 days, you should not attend.
  • For conferences, where possible, remote participation or streamed viewing is being offered to registrants who are prevented from travel.
  • If you believe you are ill with any contagious disease you should not travel to courses and conferences.   

Insurances and accessing medical services whilst visiting Heidelberg

The city has excellent emergency and public health facilities. You should ensure you have valid health insurance in place and adequate travel insurance in case of difficulties with onward or return journeys as the situation develops. Note that many travel insurance policies don’t cover pandemic situations.

Hygiene and health whilst attending conferences and courses EMBL Heidelberg

Standard flu prevention measures should be followed: proper hand hygiene and cough and sneeze etiquette, avoiding unnecessary physical contact such as handshakes when greeting people and keeping one’s distance from sick persons.

If you feel any flu-like symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, muscle aches and pains, possibly diarrhoea) isolate yourself (e. g. in your hotel room or in the medical room at EMBL’s Advanced Training Centre), notify EMBL’s Course and Conference Office and seek medical advice via the phone numbers below. The Course and Conference Office can assist you with this if required.

+49 (0)6221 522-1881 (Gesundheitsamt in Heidelberg (Health Department in Heidelberg) Monday – Friday 7:30 h to 21:00 h)

+49 (0)6221 56 0 (switchboard at the ‘Uniklinik’ Heidelberg, 24/7)

Emergency services number (as last resort) : 112

EMBL Heidelberg has increased hygiene and sanitary measures in our training facilities in line with advice on congresses from the German Ministry for Health.

Additional sources of information for your convenience:

Robert Koch Institut (live information in German)

World Health Organisation

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control

UK Government