It has come to our attention that undertakings trading as "Convention Hotel Services" (CHS), as well as "Exhibitors Housing Services" and “Exhibitors Housing Management” (EHM/EHS) have approached invited speakers for conferences taking place at the EMBL Advanced Training Centre.

EHM/EHS, who have an address both in Germany and in the US, and CHS with an address in the US, contact speakers by email or telephone and create the impression to be the official housing partner of the conference in order to offer hotel reservation services. They are also asking for credit card details in order to book accommodation.

EHM/EHS/CHS do NOT represent EMBL/EMBO, furthermore they are not authorised to use any contact data of our speakers. EMBL has taken legal steps to prevent EHM/EHS from contacting invited speakers.

We would like to reassure you all that EMBL/EMBO do NOT and would NOT share the contact database with third parties. If you are contacted by such a company by phone or email alluding to EMBL/EMBO’s name and offering hotel reservation services, we urge you all to proceed with extreme caution. Ideally, simply ignore the interaction.

We encourage invited speakers to book their travel themselves or use a service provider that they know and trust. EMBL/EMBO have made the necessary hotel arrangements for you and you will be notified accordingly.

We encourage participants and exhibitors to book their travel themselves or use a service provider that they know and trust.  EMBL/EMBO have blocked rooms in the hotels listed below, please contact the hotel with the conference code found on the conference website.

For all courses and conferences at EMBL the Course and Conference Office blocks accommodation in advance to secure rooms for their guests.

EMBL has 17 partner hotels in Heidelberg (see table below), with whom we have close and long standing relationships. As these do not have availability for every EMBL event, please visit the Accommodation and Transport pages on each individual event website to see which hotels have specially blocked rooms for your meeting.



Hotel Bayrischer Hof


Hotel Kohler

Crowne Plaza Hotel


Hotel Backmulde


Hotel Monpti

Exzellenz Hotel &


Hotel Denner


Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten &
Guesthouse Vier Jahreszeiten  

Leonardo Hotel Heidelberg


Hotel Goldener Falke


Hotel Anlage

Leonardo Hotel Heidelberg City Center


Hotel Holländer Hof


NH Hotel

Steffi`s Hostel Heidelberg


B&B Hotel Heidelberg


Holiday Inn Express

Courses: Twin room accommodation at the EMBL ISG Hotel is only included in the participation fee of EMBO practical courses for the duration of the course.

Conferences: Call-in allotments are pre-booked, allowing participants to choose a suitable hotel themselves at EMBL discounted rates.

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