Research at EMBL is fascinating, multifaceted and at the forefront of scientific progress.  We encourage highly motivated and dedicated young researchers eager to broaden their experience to join our postdoctoral community.

Who are we looking for?

Postdocs at EMBL have a wide range of backgrounds including, biology, chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, medicine, engineering, physics, mathematics, computer science and bioinformatics. Interdisciplinarity is an important strength of research at EMBL and as such we welcome fellows interested in moving into a new area of research. 

If you are interested in becoming an EMBL postdoc, the first step is to contact the group leader of your choice directly to ask about opportunities. Click here for an oveview of our grouprs and their contact details.  

You can also search for groups according to research topics.

Dedicated programmes

EMBL has a number of fellowship programmes to fund postdoctoral research: the EMBL Interdisciplinary Postdocs (EIPOD) Fellowship programme,  the EBI-Sanger Postdoctoral (ESPOD) Fellowship programme and the EMBL-IIT (ETPOD) Fellowship programme.

Individual fellowships

Most postdoctoral fellows enter EMBL with external funding in the form of individual postdoctoral fellowships. Click here for an overview of some of the available postdoctoral fellowships.

A few postdoctoral fellowships may be offered as specified positions on our job pages.