Cell Biology and Biophysics

Cuylen Group - Cellular phase separation by surfactants
Deo Group - Building next-generation fluorescent tools for biological imaging
Diz-Muñoz Group
- Mechanics of cellular signalling

Genome Biology

Saka Group - Spatial biology from molecules to tissues: high-dimensional investigation of cellular organisation

Structural and Computational Biology

Zimmermann Group - Metabolic host-microbiome interactions

EMBL-EBI Hinxton

Leach Group - Molecular recognition and design; drug discovery
Thornton Group - Computational biology of proteins (structure, function and evolution) and ageing
Cortés Group - Cancer Genomics

EMBL Grenoble

Márquez Team - High-throughput crystallisation laboratory

EMBL Hamburg

Garcia Alai Group - Molecular biophysics and high-throughput crystallisation
Löw Group - Structural and dynamic insights into nutrient uptake systems
Wilmanns Group
- Structure and function of molecular machinery for protein translocation across membranes

Chemistry at EMBL

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