Cell Biology and Biophysics

Diz-Muñoz Group - Mechanics of cellular signalling
Pepperkok Team - Membrane traffic and organelle biogenesis

Developmental Biology

Rapti Group - Initiation of nervous system assembly

Directors' Research

Hentze Group - RNA biology, metabolism and molecular medicine
Leptin Group
- Cell shape and morphogenesis: subcellular and supracellular mechanisms

Genome Biology

Huber Group - Multi-omics and statistical computing
Korbel Group - From genomic variation to molecular mechanism
Noh Group - Epigenetic mechanisms of neurodevelopment and diseases
Steinmetz Group - Systems genetics and precision health
Typas Group - Systems microbiology

Structural and Computational Biology

Bork Group - Deciphering function and evolution of biological systems
Eustermann Group - Exploring the chromatin landscape by cryo-electron microscopy
Gibson Team - Biological sequence analysis
Hennig Group - Integrated structural biology of translation regulation mechanisms
Zaugg Group - Personalised genomics to study genetic basis of complex diseases
Zeller Team - Computational analysis of host-microbiota interactions in disease and drug therapy
Zimmermann Group - Metabolic host-microbiome interactions

EMBL Barcelona

Bernabeu Group - In vitro 3D blood-brain barrier model and cerebral malaria
Ebisuya Group
 - Synthetic developmental biology: gene circuit and organoid zoo
Haase Group - Engineering vascularised tissue-specific disease models

EMBL Grenoble

Bhogaraju Group - Ubiquitin signalling in bacterial pathogenicity and cancer
Kowalinski Group
- Structural biology of macromolecular protein-RNA complexes
Márquez Team - High-throughput crystallisation laboratory

EMBL Hamburg

Kosinski Group - Integrative modelling of infection cycles
Landau Group (Visiting) - Functional protein fibrils in microbial infections and aggregation diseases
Löw Group
- Structural and dynamic insights into nutrient uptake systems
Wilmanns Group
- Structure and function of molecular machinery for protein translocation across membranes

EMBL-EBI Hinxton

Cortés Group - Cancer Genomics
Finn Group - Computational approaches to understanding microbiomes
Flicek Group
- Evolution of transcriptional regulation
Gerstung Group - Cancer data science
Iqbal Group - Computational microbial genomics
Petsalaki Group - Whole-cell signalling
Thornton Group - Computational biology of proteins (structure, function and evolution) and ageing
Zerbino Team - Genome analysis research


Gross Group - Neural control of instinctive behaviour
Hackett Group - Epigenetic mechanisms and intergenerational inheritance