Cell Biology and Biophysics

Pepperkok Team - Membrane traffic and organelle biogenesis
Prevedel Group - Advanced optical techniques for deep tissue microscopy
Ries Group - Superresolution microscopy for structural cell biology
Schwab Team - Volume correlative light and electron microscopy

Developmental Biology

Crocker Group - Gene regulation during evolution and development

Structural and Computational Biology

Mattei Team - High-throughput cryo-EM

Genome Biology

Merten Group - Microfluidic approaches in drug discovery and personalised medicine
Typas Group - Systems microbiology

EMBL Grenoble

Instrumentation Team - Robotics and process development for MX and Cryo-EM
McCarthy Team
- Synchrotron crystallography team
Márquez Team - High-throughput crystallisation laboratory

EMBL Hamburg

Fiedler Team - Synchrotron instrumentation for structural biology beamlines at PETRA III
Garcia Alai Group - Molecular biophysics and high-throughput crystallisation
Schneider Group
- Tools for structure determination and analysis
Svergun Group
- Small-angle X-ray scattering from macromolecular solutions