Evaluation of submitted applications

Immediately following the call closing, applications are checked for eligibility as follows:

  • Applicants meet the academic and mobility requirements of the programme
  • the application includes two reference letters
  • a letter of support from the EMBL host is included with the application
  • a letter of support is included from the external partner if relevant
  • the project proposal meets formating and page limit specifications

Eligible applications are evaluated by EMBL faculty and external experts as described in the guide to applicants (available here when the call opens). The scores form the basis for decision on the short-list for invitation by the short-listing committee.

Interview set up

Lab visits
Candidates for interview visit all EMBL labs involved in the project(s) for which they are interviewing prior to interviews at EMBL Heidelberg. Candidates with projects involving EMBL faculty from EMBL Barcelona, EMBL-EBI, EMBL Grenoble, EMBL Hamburg and/or EMBL Rome visit the relevant labs before December 1st. The timings of the lab visits are upon agreement with involved faculty. Candidates with faculty from EMBL Heidelberg involved in their projects visit these labs ideally on December 1st. External partners are accommodated mainly via electronic methods such as Skype and video conferencing.

Welcome event for candidates
The official interviews start with a welcome event for candidates.  A series of talks from the EIPOD4 programme and EMBL Human Resources give interviewing candidates an overview of the EIPOD programme and working conditions for EIPODs at EMBL. It also allows candidates the possiblitiy to ask any questions they may have. The welcome event for the 2020 EIPOD call will take place on December 1st at 17:00.

On-site interviews
The 2020 EIPOD interviews will take place at EMBL Heidelberg on December 2nd and 3rd. Candidates give a short talk in the morning and are interviewed by a panel consisting of EMBL faculty and external experts in the afternoon.