Dissemination activities

As part of the EI3POD programme, fellows take part in a workshop on dissemination and outreach and are obliged to actively disseminate their work by engaging in new or existing activities.

Involvement in dissemination activities has included:

  • A joint presentation from two fellows at a Heidelberg Science Slam on Evolution
  • A talk to Maastricht Science Programme students about an EIPOD's work and career
  • A presentation about fluorescent proteins to high school students who visited EMBL
  • Participation in the Cambridge Science Festival
  • Participation in an International Summer School for secondary school students at EMBL Monterotondo.
  • Participation in a dissemination project, that was part of the youth and science programme of "Fundacio Catalunya la Pedrera". 
  • Participation in Fête de la Science

EIPOD postdocs _062017_1I5A5702

EIPOD postdocs in discussion during the 2017 dissemination and outreach workshop [EMBL photolab]


EIPODs are supported by EMBL and a
EU Marie Curie Actions Cofund grant.