How to apply?

In order to apply as an undergraduate student for an internship at EMBL please directly contact the Group Leader(s) of your choice. Detailed information on each groups’ profiles are summarised on the Research Units pages or you can also search a list of keywords on different research topics.

Your application letter should include

a short CV highlighting your research experience so far (if any)
a short statement about your research interests and why you are interested in the chosen group
information about the purpose and intended duration of your internship
an indication about when you would like to join and whether there is flexibility in timing
contact details of a faculty member of your home university who could provide a short support letter for your candidature

Board and lodging

The different EMBL locations can help with different solutions in view of accommodation. Details need to be discussed with the respective host labs. Students may receive payment during their internship, e.g. from grants available to the respective Group Leader. Payment therefore remains at the discretion of the Group Leader. Details will be discussed together with the Group Leader of choice.

How does an internship at EMBL as an undergraduate student influence later admission to the EMBL International PhD Programme?

In the majority of cases, an undergraduate stay has no effect on eligibility for the EMBL International PhD Programme.  Exceptionally, however, a candidate may fall under the 'selection advantage' rules. These are only likely to affect candidates spending more than three months at EMBL or staying at EMBL during the selection procedure. Undergraduates who plan to stay longer than three months at EMBL prior to an application for the EMBL International PhD Programme should discuss their situation with their Group Leader and the Graduate Office ( in order to assess and avoid a potential conflict of eligibility.