Welcome to the Undergraduates' pages of EMBL

EMBL welcomes undergraduate students of all disciplines in the natural sciences extending from biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics to medicine, informatics and engineering. Undergraduates will carry out research at one of EMBL's laboratories in Heidelberg (Germany), Grenoble (France), Hamburg (Germany), Hinxton (near Cambridge, UK), Rome (Italy) or Barcelona (Spain). Undergraduate internships are normally part of the student's Diploma, Bachelor or Masters’ thesis project at another institution. However, internships outside of the formal arrangement of an undergraduate thesis are also considered.

EMBL has a student body of more than 350 on a steady state level, of which around 240 are enrolled in the EMBL International PhD Programme. The others joined EMBL as visiting PhD students or as undergraduate students and interns. Many of these undergraduates and interns will go on to join top PhD programmes around the world. Hosting students is an important part of EMBL's commitment to training researchers at all career levels. Students at EMBL represent more than 40 nationalities and therefore contribute substantially to the colourful life throughout our laboratories.